Thursday, October 9, 2008

Programming Language Wars

Normally I don’t agree or join language wars but: I programmed for 4 years in Java, VB ( and VB 6), C++ and C#, PHP etc. The fact is that each language have advantages and disavandages, yes the .Net framework is more solid than the Java lib but Java is cross-platform to portable devices etc… VB is easy to code since it hide you from the details of the framework where with C# its more “C++ system style” of coding where its not so abstract like VB…. the point that i’m making is that anyone can go on how bad one language is over another etc but hey, be glad that we don’t live in the days of Assembler since that was bad! A language is a tool, use the tool that you prefer (its your own personal opnion) and have knowledge in, for example: I will not go write a complete website in a week using Ruby on Rails since I don’t know it but it doesn’t mean its a bad tool. Use the tool that suite the task at hand and what you prefer… damm if you want to write a website in Lisp then go for it!

When it come to language wars, I don't care... I will even use Fortran if I must / want too!

On the job market side you might want to consider your options since that is a total different story to use the language that your employer want etc.

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