Sunday, December 28, 2008

Visual Studio.Net 2010 CPT Experience

I finally got to download MS Visual Studio.Net 2010 CPT - that is pre-beta (like 2 years) release of the next version of MS Visual Studio.Net scheduled for release sometime in 2010 (exact date unknown).

Yes bandwidth is expensive in SA but using Telkom ADSL, 4Mbps line, Openweb 10GB Local with Openbrowser and Opera web browser as my download manager I got to download all 7 GB on a Sunday afternoon/late evening!

The installation took awhile to un-compress all 11 files (700 MB each) and then to setup the VirtualPC (using Virtual PC 2007 SP1)

The installation went well but find that MS Visual Studio.Net IDE is very slow on my machine (Intel Core 2 Duo, 3GB RAM) - I guess the only way is to stop some of the services (like MS SQL Server etc) that get started by the VM.

Also note that you need to change the date on the VM else the CPT will expire on 1 Jan 2009.

For more information visit:

Something for me to play with while Im in Uganda (ok just alittle - I still got work!)

Have fun! :-)

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