Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Java Programmer Certification, Back to MWEB and Going On Holiday

Hi :-)

A lot happened the last couple of weeks, mainly just busy with work.
I'm studying for my Java Programmer Certification (SCJP) base on JDK 6, on 1 August 2009 I'm also going back to MWEB at N1 city to work has a Java/C# developer. Still employed by Soliditech.

From 9 August 2009 my beautiful wife and I are going on a 3 week holiday

So I'm off to chat after my holiday with more interesting topics.


jason hector said...

My name is Jason. I saw ur info on CTJUG.
I wanted to ask you about what meterial u are using for the SCJP, and also where does one take the exam and what does it cost to write the exam.


Lennie De Villiers said...

Hi Jason: See... About SCJP Sun Certified Programmer For Java Exam: