Monday, October 26, 2009

How Visual Studio.Net Upgrade Your Solution

Weekly source code for this week will be published a bit later

When opening an VS.Net 2005 solution in VS.Net 2008 to which version will the upgrade wizard try to upgrade your solution too? Answer: .Net framework 3.5

The upgrade wizard will always try to upgrade to the current .Net framework for that version of VS.Net for example:
  • VS.Net 2005: .Net Framework 2.0
  • VS.Net 2008: .Net Framework 3.5
  • VS.Net 2010: .Net Framework 4.0
You will be asked the question if you wish to upgrade but you can always say "No". If you say no then the solution will stay in the old version using the multi-target feature. if you wish to later upgrade (like making use of the new LINQ features in .Net framework 3.5) you can do so under the properties of the project.

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