Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple's Unveils The iPad

At a special event last night 20:00 South Africa time, Apple's CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the new iPad. I couldn't watch it online since unfortunately Apple didn't broadcast it but I did listen to an audio feed together with some photos from Engadget, Live Gizmodo all from my iPod Touch (on Wifi) while in bed with a stomach bug.

The iPad got multi-touch, very big screen, fast processor, comes in Wifi only, Wifi/3G models etc. For all the details you can read the references below - I'm not going to repeat here. For me it got some advantages / disadvantages:

  • Bigger then the iPhone/iPod Touch so browser is nicer
  • Comes in Wifi/3G models.. if you don't want to wait for the 3G model you can buy the Wifi only model and use a tool like MyFi that broadcast a Wifi signal from 3G (3G -> Wifi).
  • Very fast processor, most of the reviews are happy about how fast it is.
  • iWork: Office like package (try to compare it with MS Office) for word processing, spreadsheets etc. USD $9.99 from the AppStore.
  • AppStore: Buy all existing applications developed for the iPhone from the AppStore and run it on the iPad without modifications.
  • New SDK: New SDK for development of iPad applications
  • Games: Very good graphics, I love playing games on my iPod Touch / wife's iPhone.
  • Keyboard: A physical keyboard that you can connect to the iPad if your not keen on using the on screen keyboard (like me: I dislike typing on the iPhone/iPod Touch).
  • iBooks: New online store where you can buy e-books and read them the iPad.
  • Price: At USD $499.00 (about R3,773.09 base upon the current exchange rate) for the Wifi only model the pricing is very good.
  • Its not a PC, you still would require a Mac OS device to write applications for the iPad.
  • No multi-windows, only one application can run at a time... Just like the iPhone / iPod Touch.
  • Base upon new iPhone OS so got the same disadvantages
  • No GPRS - Not everywhere in South Africa there is Wifi or 3G.
  • No webcam build-in or microphone... doesn't see how applications like Skype/Fring will work if you want to do VOIP.
  • Wait: We're going to wait months before its available in South Africa.
So for me: I will not buy one, its got all the same stuff that the iPhone got already and you can phone with the iPhone (and use Skype/Fring), it got 3G and GPRS. I would like to see iBooks and the keyboard for the iPhone but that is something that I can live without.


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