Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blackberry True Push Email

With push email you get email delivered immediately on your phone just like an SMS, most phones say that they support push email but its not actually true push email... just like MS Outlook where all that they do is to check your mailbox every x minutes (like 5/10 minutes) so every time it does a simple send & receive.

The Blackberry support true push email using BIS (Blackberry Internet Services) you can setup email accounts (like your Gmail account) and it get pushed to your Blackberry - there is a lot of detail on how this works but I will not explain it here.

As in previous blog entry you can pay R59 per month (30 days) from your Vodacom airtime which give you unlimited internet access on your Blackberry meaning that you don't pay R2 per 1 MB for internet (3G/GPRS/EDGE) - push email, Facebook and browsing is free.

There are limits, you can't for example download huge emails, emails got a limit size as well etc. I suggest you check with your service provider (Vodacom, MTN) onthese limitations.

Also at work my phone is always on silent, the Blackberry got it nice where if there's a email a little red light flickers - very nice visible notification.

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Ewald Horn said...

I've had the same little berry for a few months now, and can say for certain that I will never again NOT have a smart phone. The little keyboard takes a bit to get used to, but after a day or so it's actually drastically improved my texting speed.

The one innovation that I like quite a bit is the touchpad. The previous Blackberry devices had this scroller/joystick frustrator thingmajik that was inaccurate and a pain to operate. I'm very impressed with how well the touchpad works and the overall responsiveness of the phone.

All in all, this baby Berry is just what I wanted - push mail, free browsing, social media, read Word and Excel docs and make phone calls now and again!