Friday, February 13, 2009

Altair 8080 - Bill Gate's Altair BASIC

The Altair was the first computer released to the public in January 1975 (check here for history) by MITS, it was a very ugly machine that could only be coded in machine/assembly language by flipping switches. Basically saying: "Real Programmer's Don't Need Keyboards!"

Bill Gates & Paul Allen wrote Altair BASIC which was Microsoft's first product.

I downloaded the Altair emulator and stuggled to get it working but after awhile I finally got it working coding my first "Hello World!" in Altair BASIC!! This is so good to use the first computer and popular programming language.

How to use:
  • Run the Altair emulator.
  • Load the disk with the Altair BASIC image.
  • Toggle (that is on e.g. binary 1) all keys from A15 - A8, A7 to A0 must be down.
  • Toggle EXAMINE
  • Toggle down A15 - A8
  • Toggle RUN
  • A console window will open with the Altair BASIC running.

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