Friday, February 6, 2009

Using God's Name

Something that has been making me really angry lately, so I just want to make an efford and talk about it.

Lately I've been hearing on the TV, in the IT world (as a programmer I'm part of the IT world) etc that people use God's name in swearing etc.

For example:

- When something good / bad happens then: "Oh My God!!" rather than just "Oh Shit!!!" or "Oh Fuck!!" I would rather use "Oh Shit!!" or "Oh Fuck!!" or some other swear word if you really want to use a swear word.

- Bill Gates (or some other rich IT guy) have "more money than God!!". Well God don't need money since everything He say happens. We need money... it anyway make us corrupt etc (what is currently happening in the economy is a good example of that)

- "A visit from God!!". Well depend upon your faith God is actually with you already or is coming. God wouldn't be interested to come ask you what is the latest programming thing you did - His more interested in your life/soul/well being etc. Not if you made another million dollars or wrote another cool application etc.

So to end.... to use God's name is not good... remember that there are people in this world that don't like it, even if you don't beleive in God that is your choice etc and myself (and we as children of God) shouldn't judge you by it but then please be considerate and not do this.

It all comes down to being considerate to someone else's beleive etc.... in goverment / by law they call it "human rights" but in plain English its called: "being a good human being" or just "doing the right thing".

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Shahid Malik said...

Great article. I agree with you we all must stop taking God's name in vain.