Thursday, September 9, 2010

Delphi For Android Sneak Preview 2

In this preview:

- Running in Delphi 2006.
- TEdit and TLabel control together with event on TLabel
- Control properties, you don't need to write anything special just to get or set the value from a control... Just use the property like you always have!
- Actually show you the compiler and what the compile.bat and run.bat files do.

I will try to post a sneak preview at least every month but that depends upon the current Sprint size since each month I set myself a set of goals to archive.

For questions, comments, suggestions please contact me:

What's Next?

- Samples, include all the examples in the package.
- Additional controls
- Additional work on the core tool framework / libraries
- Library support: Allow you to write your own library.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What versions of Delphi are supported?

Currently it runs in Delphi 7, 2006 and 2010. Haven't tested with the new Delphi EX yet. Delphi Prism not at all.

Is there Kylix support?

No, and no plans at the moment since Kylix is seen as a dead product.

Is there Lazarus (Free Pascal) support?

No but it should work with Lazarus. I will give it a try.

When will it become available?

Can't say for now since there is sooo much work still left. There will be a beta version but licensing, cost etc unknown at this stage.

C++ Builder support?

See poll below.

In what language is it written in? Delphi?

It's written in C# targeting .NET framework 3.5. The library "Delphi for Android" that you use in Delphi is the only part written in Delphi.

Does it run on an actual phone?

Yes it does, I tested it on my HTC Desire.

What target of Android is supported?

The tool for now default to Android 2.1 but you will be able to indicate the target. Minimum target I guess will be 1.6

Other platforms - iPhone? Symbian? Samsung Wave?

Not now sorry... Am only 1 guy you know :)

Anyone using this yet in a real world application?

I'm giving demos, getting comments and alot of suggestions but for now the tool isn't at a stage yet to be avialable to write a full real world application. For one, you can't sign your application yet for public release.


I got some suggestions on adding support for C++ Builder.... I'm not going to jump to add support now since that will side track the original project plans etc that will extend delivery since am sure everyone want a working copy to play with soon! For now please fill in the poll and let me know.


As a contractor a donation would be nice since that will help me to spend more time (time = money as a contractor) to work on it.

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