Thursday, May 19, 2011

Delphi For Android: Warning: You need to manually copy the Android framework library before compile.

After you run the Delphi for Android compiler you will get the following error on the command line:

Warning: You need to manually copy the Android framework library before compile.

The compiler integrate and call Java code, you need to copy (soon to be called DAndroid.jar) to the /libs folder of your Android generated project.

To give you an update:

Am working very hard on the new compiler, toolset, components etc... Hopefully will have something ready soon.
Unfortunately this is a part-time project so my time is limited.

Focus on:

- New compiler written in Delphi itself (not C#).
- Components/libraries support for the Android SDK.
- Documentation an samples.


Leigh Harrison said...

I'm impressed and delighted with what you're achieving. If I can help at all. ...?


DExUS said...

I look forward to the next update.
Is it possible to donate some way, to speed up your work ? :)

Lennie De Villiers said...

Make a Paypal donation to: - Use "Delphi For Android" as reference.

Lennie De Villiers said...

To help: The new compiler will be available soon... Can then help to add Android APIs to it.

CastleSoft said...

Will you be using PhoneGap for the API ?

And is the new compiler in SVN/GIT/HG ??

Happy to do some testing/debugging etc...

wilsonfreire said...

I need urgent a delphi for android compiler, to complete a android project. Do you have any way to do it? Do you have any stuff to sell?
Please tell me.
Wilson Freire

deep vats said...

i need to video google android application development call from my android mobile ,,please suggest me that how can i do this ?

Lennie De Villiers said...

deep_vast: Ask, Delphi for Android don't support media yet.